King's Harvest Festival

The lands around Blackshire, for as long as anyone can remember, have always celebrated a Harvest Festival to prepare for the coming winter, celebrate the king’s health, and to give the bravest of the lowborn peoples a chance to ascend to riches or greatness.

Traditionally, there was a great feast, games of skill, dancing, music and competitions in the grounds outside the king’s palace. As the king’s lands expanded and the people multiplied, local lords and knights living along the roads leading to the palace would hold their own smaller festivals, providing both rest for weary travelers and a smaller taste of the festival for those that lived too far away from the town of Five Coin to make the entire journey.

These smaller gatherings featured much of the same festivities, although where there wasn’t space for jousting, archery and dancing, there was usually a game of chance, called Sly Gambit. Each participating lord would take aside some small amount of their wealth (the majority of which was gained through taxes on the lowborn, tribute, or from the kingdom) to share with the local population. Jewelry, gold, gems, even armor and weapons of exceptional quality would be hidden on their property – in the fields, in the forests, in streams, under rocks, and so on. The goal of Sly Gambit is to accumulate as much wealth as you can, without drawing attention to yourself, as all the rewards do not legally belong to anyone until sunset, when a winner is crowned. The winner is typically whoever found the most expensive or most desirable reward (golden armors, an exceptionally large brooch, or perhaps a disgraced knight’s lands.

It goes without saying that this festival has a favorite of rogues all across the region for as long as it has existed.

King's Harvest Festival

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