Tomb of Horrors

Story so far

You woke up, and were assaulted by the loud braying of a young gnome showering, as he had every morning all summer. When everyone gathered outside, Chun decided to put an end to this by sneaking up on him and pouring cold water over him. As can be expected with any trickster, Nesquick von Ironheart was not there – ghostsound, bitches.

After a quick lunch, courtesy of Roffo, everyone realized that Raul and Krizelda were nowhere to be found on the grounds. Perhaps they had left early to celebrate the King’s Harvest Festival? The closest location where people will be celebrating is Lord Hausdorff’s mansion, just over the hills northeast of Blackshire.

On the winding route through the forest towards Hausdorff’s mansion, everyone was suddenly shrouded in pitch darkness and when they could see again, nothing looked familiar. The trees, the path, even the sunlight had changed. Thanks to some quick thinking, the party was back on track, scaring away dire badgers and navigating the woods.

Soon, a large clearing and several buildings came into view, but none of the people you expected to see there were present – none of the denizens of Blackshire, none of the children, none of the hopeful squires nor any would-be adventurers. Something was wrong, Lord Hausdorff had always thrown the best of all the Harvest Festival prize ceremonies along the King’s Road.

The manor itself looked untouched, and it wasn’t long before the party, roguelike, entered and looked to start looting it (which is not uncommon, although usually the house would be barred and guards posted to prevent such actions).

Inside, the party wandered around the foyer, dining room and kitchen until the floor started to collapse. Khal slowly drifted down two stories, while the children grabbed onto the walls of the room and held onto fixtures. Down past the rubble of two ruined floors, Khal found himself in a large trench, filled with glowing green goo, guarded by some exceptionally short, crippled kobolds. The party made short work of them, with the help of Brian’s sword, Roffo’s magnificent shadow attacks, Chun’s daggers, Nesquick’s lightning-quick wit and Khal’s burning spray.

One kobold, seemingly trapped behind an ancient portcullis, managed to run around a corner and escape with his life, the death of his colleagues fresh in his mind.



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